sangiovese rubiconeThe Sangiovese grape, produced in Emilia Romagna region, is one of the most widely used grape varieties in Italy.

The name “Sangiovese” may refer either to the yokes, which are typical of the hilly landscape, which either to the blood of Jove (Sanzvès in the Romagnolo dialect).

In the world of wine, the Sangiovese grape has been brought into the spotlight in recent years even thanks to the more recent recognition of Chianti, a wine that uses the Sangiovese grape.

Tini Sangiovese Rubicone has an intense ruby red color. The nose can smell delicate aromas of violets and red fruits. The palate is beautifully balanced with fine tannins which combine well with the red fruit. The wine surprises with its fruitiness combined with a pleasant long finish.

Pairings: beef, veal,pork, game (deer, venison), rich fish (salmon, tuna etc). It’s great with Italian food that’s not too spicy or intense, highly recommended for a casual drinking.

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CURIOSITY: This wine inspired, in the 70s, a famous popular Italian song “Romagna e Sangiovese” by Orchestra Casadei. This joyful song brings you the warmth of Emilia-Romagna people who have an innate propensity for enjoying life and being hospitable.