Oltre il business - Beyond business





This book is a job that we hold dear to us as it sums up our company journey so far.
For us it represents a moment of reflection, learning and opening to new projects.

Flavor of Italy Group is taken as an example of a responsible company.

The book illustrates the theories of business organization in the management of our group that represent our strength.

We present a reflection on a different concept of "profitability" in business. The authors follow a path that winds through many aspects of current literature on different areas:  the organizational one on groupality, the sociological one on the community, the economic one on the civic economy, the philosophical one on ethics.

All these features converge to a real corporate story that focuses on the original experience of the team cooking. A business reality that testifies attention to the person and the territory. A broader and more civic idea of wealth production that could be the tangible proof of a different possible approach to economic development.




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