figli del toro - historical novel





In 2018 we met the writer, journalist and essayist Nicola Mastronardi.
A brief but intense encounter that opened a new path and led the two founders of the Flavor of Italy Group
to decide to produce the writer's new novel: "Figli del Toro".

The book tells the unknown history of the Italic peoples focusing on how the Samnites opposed Rome and the epic and bloody birth of the Italian nation.

On sale from December 1st, 2019, it is already a success, after just two weeks a reprint has been needed.

"I hope to excite readers to tears" writes Mastronardi presenting his new novel “Figli del Toro”, thus counting on repeating the success of "Viteliu. The name of Liberty" still a long seller thanks to the enthusiastic words of the readers. Five literary prizes won, sixty schools in central Italy read it, over two hundred presentations, among which are to mention those hosted in the National Archaeological Museums of Campania, Umbria, Marche, Molise and Abruzzo. The places of the novel, in the central and southern Apennines, are now a destination for school and cultural tourism.




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