Some feedback from our guests.




BDO COOKING EVENT – “We had a great time at the event last night and all the team really enjoyed it, all of the staff were very friendly and helpful throughout the night.” - Lorna


DOCUSIGN COOKING EVENT – “We've had so much fun taking part in this cooking class. The team said it will be remembered as the best we've had so far. Thanks again, and a big shout out to our host. He made it a very enjoyable moment.” - Marion




TEAM BUILDING EVENT – “We did a team cooking class at Pinocchio's. Very entertaining, and delicious food. Would highly recommend. Very good house wine.” - Izabela


COOKERY CLASS - “I attended a pizza cooking class on Saturday by myself. I had a lot of fun and Giuseppe was a good teacher and entertainer. The lesson was easy to understand and you can feel the authentic italian atmosphere.” – Gaia


COOKERY CLASS - “My husband and I really enjoyed the class and have great plans to make our own ravioli at home! Thanks” – Jenny




AMAZON COOKERY EVENT – “Thank you so much for the class, everyone has been raving about it since and absolutely had a blast! Most of the sentiment was around this being the best event we had as a team ever. I will absolutely be sharing feedback with some of our other teams about the cooking classes here, it was excellent! Thanks again” - Laura



JULY 2022

COOKING EVENT – “We had such a lovely time, I will definitely be coming back! Thank you for a lovely evening!” – Gabriella


KPMG COOKING EVENT – “We had a really great time and I think it was really successful!” - Ailbhe


COOKERY CLASS - “Thank you for sending on the recipe, we had such a lovely morning cooking with Giuseppe. Looking forward to returning again soon. Many Thanks” - Ava



JUNE 2022

THE COCA-COLA COMPANY TEAM BUILDING - It was a lot of fun, and a lovely team bonding exercise! The person interacting with us did manage to really engage and entertain people. And everyone was really proud of their tasty makings.”


PPLI TEAM BUILDING – “Thank you very much for all your help - we had a lovely time yesterday! Everyone was commenting this morning about how much they enjoyed the activity, and how your team was really nice and friendly! I heard lots of comments from the team - people planning on practising the spritz recipe properly, or trying out making pasta - so the recipes will be handy! Thank you very much again. I'll be letting people know about the lovely time we had yesterday!” - Alice



MAY 2022

PLANET COOKING EVENT – “Thank you so much for hosting this event for us. We had a really enjoyable evening, great fun and great tasting food :) All of the your team were wonderfully helpful, professional, warm, welcoming and got involved with the fun. Thank you!” - Angela


TEAM BUILDING EVENT - “Thanks for sharing the photos and for hosting us yesterday. The whole team enjoyed it and we're a diverse group so that's not an easy thing to achieve! I would love to come back for another cooking class so I'll be in contact again in the future.” – Tomás


COGS & MARVEL TEAM BUILDING EVENT - “Thank you very much! The team had a blast and can’t stop talking about how much fun it was. We will definitely be keeping you guys in mind for any events we have come up with clients, it was just such a good laugh and team bonding experience! Thank you again” - Miriam Verdon



APRIL 2022

EXCAPE TEAM BUILDING EVENT – “The event was absolutely brilliant and everyone really enjoyed themselves. We will definitely recommend you guys to anyone else considering a team bonding event.” – Eoghan


FACEBOOK - COOKING SCHOOL EVENT – “Thank you so much for an amazing team event that we attended last Thursday. And we really loved your warm welcome. Huge special thanks to Giuseppe!” - Denis



MARCH 2022

INTERCOM COOKERY EVENT – “Thank you so much! We had SO much fun, such a great team event. It was a great laugh and the pasta was perfect. I'll be recommending for other group activities in future and may even come back with a different work group myself :) Thanks again” - Aislinn


PWC TEAM EVENT - “I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and your team for everything last night we had an amazing night, so much fun!! :) Thank you so much :) ” – Sara


WORKDAY COOKERY EVENT – “The experience was excellent. As I mentioned your colleagues, several of our groups in the company already tried this experience, and they loved it. The activity itself is a safe bet, and the staff were engaging and a lot of fun.” - Ignacio


FACEBOOK TEAM BUILDING EVENT – “It was a pleasure to do the activity with you, all the team loved the experience and we will definitely recommend the place to our colleagues ” - Fran & Robert


COOKERY CLASS - "Myself and my friend Helen have had such a wonderful afternoon at your cookery class. Giuseppe was an absolutely wonderful teacher. It was a very pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Sharing good food that we all had a hand in!!! and good company" - Rhona


HEADWAY EVENT - “Thank you so much for last evenings event you and your team played a blinder and the cosy beautiful Pinocchios restaurant was FABULOUS everyone was upbeat kind and AMAZING... I didn't know Headway could give me more than they have done already but Headway is like the gift that keeps on giving thank you from the bottom of my heart… Love to all the headway group in Dublin and everyone involved” L.M.




IBM AT PINOCCHIO - "My team and I had a wonderful time last Friday in the Pinocchio restaurant. Giuseppe was an amazing and funny teacher. Everyone loved him. All of the staff in the restaurant were very kind. The organizaton was great from the time we entered, checking the covid passes, instructing us to wash our hands and the table service. The whole event and experience was very satisfying including the food! I will recommend this cookery course to all my friends and colleagues." - BT


LINKEDIN AT PINOCCHIO – "Thank you so much for the recipes! The team really loved the event, and it was the first time we got to do something as a team, so it was great fun. One of the members has already made the starter, however he wasn’t able to cut the aubergine as thinly as you. So we definitely still have some improvements to make  ;)." – Victoria



COOKERY CLASS – "We loved the class on Saturday and I’ve already bought a pasta machine to start making our own at home! Thank you again for a great morning, we really enjoyed it." – Jenny


CLONTURK COMMUNITY COLLEGE AT PINOCCHIO – "Thank you and the whole team for such an amazing day out. The kindness & enthusiasm that the students received today will never be forgotten. Every single child was valued and learned so much from the experience and I can't tell you how much that means to us. Please pass on all our gratitude & thanks to everyone who supported our students & their learning today. If you'll have us back again, we'd love to bring more groups"  – Anna


TEAM BUILDING – "It was honestly so much fun. The whole team loved it! The chef was hilarious, they all want to come back. The service was fantastic too - Thank you so much." – Ellie



PERSONIO AT PINOCCHIO – "Firstly thank you so so much for letting us have our team event with you, the team said it was absoutlyy incredible, but the team could not have spoken higher of everything - between the food, the wine and most importantly the people. Your team really made Personio feel very very welcome. We enjoyed it so much that when we shared it with other teams within Personio they are now considering getting in contact with you and arranging a team bonding night." – Kelly



COOKERY CLASS – “That's great, thank you so much! I think we’ll be back for more classes - we loved it. Thanks again” – Louise


COOKERY CLASS – “We had a great time this morning, thank you so much for the invite - very much appreciated and I will spread the word :) ” – Fiona


IRISHJOBS AT PINOCCHIO – “The team and I had a super night, everyone was so friendly and helpful and the meals were delicious! Thanks again” – Orla




COOKERY CLASS – “Here’s Eva’s Calzone! She says it tasted fab! Great course - thanks a mill!” – Karen


COOKERY CLASS – "We had a voucher for an Italian cookery class and used it last Saturday in Pinocchio. What a lovely present to have received. We really enjoyed the experience. We worked with another couple as a team; the instructions were clear, easy to follow and were shared with humour! Everything was so well organised and we got to eat our starter, main course and dessert afterwards! First time to make fresh pasta from scratch! Would highly recommend Flavour of Italy to others." – Kelly


COOKERY CLASS – “We loved our cooking class on Saturday. It was so well organised and it was fun. We enjoyed eating the fruits of our work too!” – Denise




TEAM BUILDING – “Thank you very much for the recipes, and for the great event yesterday. You guys are amazing!” – Evelyn


TEAM BUILDING – “The feedback was excellent so we will use you again for future events! Thanks again and see you soon” – Georgina 


COOKERY CLASS – “It was so fun to have the cooking class with you! Thanks again for the great experience :D Grazie mille!” – Nicola




COOKERY CLASS – “Thanks to Giuseppe for a very enjoyable cookery lesson. I had a great time at Pinocchio restaurant. Hope to see you all again at the restaurant soon.” – Susan


COOKERY EVENT – “Thanks a million Leo, everyone had a brilliant time, we all really, really enjoyed it! Such a good event, ran by lovely people :) Thanks again” - Eimear


EIRGRID AT PINOCCHIO – “Thanks for your kind message. Our team had a great time at the cooking class. They are all talking about making pizza’s at home now. Haha… Thanks again for all your help.” - Diarmuid  




SOURCHEOOH AT PINOCCHIO – “Ciao! Thank you so much for last night – we all really enjoyed it.  The pizza was delicious and the staff were great. We got very good feedback from the group that we brought so all round, a success! :) Thanks again and see you soon!” – Louise


HEANET AT PINOCCHIO – “I have to say they (all the managers) were very happy with the whole event and loved the dishes they prepared. So A very Big Thank you for this...exactly what I wanted to hear :) They were also happy to get their recipe book. Kudos to you and your team!!” – Nandita


UDEMY AT PINOCCHIO – “Thanks so much - really enjoyed last night, everyone loved it. I just left you a tripadvisor review. Will definitely get back to you for a cookery class! Thanks again!” - Sorcha




PASTA MAKING CLASS – “We thoroughly enjoyed it and will make sure to book in the team for our next event. It was incredibly well organised, the food was delicious and the chef was hilarious! Thanks again and looking forward to organising a team activity with you soon” - Sarah 


ACCENTURE AT PINOCCHIO – “Thank you for a wonderful team event, I have sent the details onto other teams in the building as we all had such a brilliant time. Also the chef who helped us was EXCELLENT 10/10. Many Thanks” - Katie


COOKERY CLASS – “We had an amazing experience on Sat .. so thank you to you and your team” – Tanis


TEAM BUILDING – “Thank you so much! Myself and my group had the most incredible time and will cherish the experience shared! I would love to come back and partake in another cooking class. Thank you! :) ” - Alison


MAXIM INTEGRATED – “we really enjoyed the cooking class yesterday. The whole team were very welcoming and the food & service was excellent! Hope to return again soon for another cooking experience! Thanks” – Catriona


HSE – “Many thanks for hosting us, we had a lovely afternoon learning how to make pizza.” – Elaine  


COOKERY CLASS - “I attended the pizza, pasta and tiramisu class with the cookery school yesterday, and just wanted to thank you all so much. We both had a fantastic time and learned so much from Giuseppe, he was a fantastic teacher! Many thanks" – Liam  


COOKERY CLASS – “It was very well organised and so much fun. It was great to be able to get a sense of the event and I see that there are a lot of opportunities for people to work together and then chat after wards, so I feel it would suit well for team building. Your class is definitely on our list for our next team building activity.” – Ann-Marie   


CARTRAWLER – “We had a wonderful time and will definitely be recommending the class to our colleagues!” –  Jessica  




DOCUSIGN –  “The team had such a good time at the event – we have sent a few teams in for this and they have all loved it ! Thanks so much” – Michelle



JULY 2019

COOKERY CLASS “Firstly I would like to thank you for an amazing experience at the pasta cooking course. We will make sure to give a lot of good reviews as we had a really wonderful time…. the food and experience overall was so enjoyable. Thanks again” – Kevin   


TEAM BUILDING “Hi Lucia, I really want to thank you, and your team for the amazing night we had yesterday. It was very entertaining, and the food was absolutely delicious! We will definitely come back :) ” – Cristina


TEAM BUILDING “We had a great time, thank you so much for the extra gift too ;) ” – Ross



JUNE 2019

TEAM BUILDING “Held a corporate team build at Pinnocchio in Temple Bar, and it was an incredible experience! Loads of laughter and fun, mixed with a bit of competition and some phenomenal food. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a fun group activity” - Cat


COOKERY CLASS – “We had the best time! I’m already looking forward to my next visit and I have recommended your class to my friends also. Grazie mille :) ” – Laura



MAY 2019

COOKERY CLASS – “The cookery class was amazing and we enjoyed it a lot. The guy who runs the course was really helpful and funny, we had a really good experience and I'm going to recommend it to my colleagues and friends. Thanks again” - Fabrizia

COOKERY CLASS –  “I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you for such a wonderful class - it was brilliant!" - Catherine


COOKERY CLASS – “Thank you very much for a fun Saturday morning! We really enjoyed it.” – Izabela


FACEBOOK – “Thanks for the evening – we had an amazing time! Thanks so much for the free class, I will find a friend and definitely het back to you.” – Olga



APRIL 2019

DELIVEROO – “Thanks a mill. We all really enjoyed the afternoon, and the teacher Giuseppe was a great host! We really appreciate you all sorting us out, it was such a fun experience! Many thanks” – Elva


ACCENTURE – “Thank you for such a brilliant night! Everyone had a great time and everyone got involved in the cooking. The lead chef (I didn’t catch his name) was great at making sure everyone was engaged and he was hilarious throughout. Thank you as well for sending on the cookbook too so we can have a go ourselves! Thank you again for a wonderful night!!” – Ryan


PARTY – “I just wanted to say a huge thank you for accommodating our party at your restaurant on Sunday evening, the service we received was lovely and the food was gorgeous! Everyone said how nice it was! I would definitely visit again :) … Many thanks” – Zoe


COOKERY CLASS – “What a fun morning! A mixed group of about 25 people learned how to cook a Tuscan meal led by the very entertaining Giuseppe! We then ate our handiwork accompanied by a glass of wine. Most enjoyable.” – Tricia



MARCH 2019

HEADWAY – “Thanks a million for the fantastic day, we had a ball !” – Sara


ANTE TECHNOLOGIES – “Thanks so much Antoine, we had a great time.” – Clare


FACEBOOK – “Thanks so much, the team was very happy.” – Marina


INTERCOM – “We had a great time and a tonne of food last night! I just left a review there for you as we really enjoyed it! Thanks for everything and for the follow up!” – Franka 


AON – “We really had a superb time… it was lovely meeting you guys.” – Princess  


GIFT DIRECT – “Thank you, the event was such good fun!!!” - Diletta   


TEAM COOKING – “Many thanks for a super event we had a fantastic time, and we really look forward to telling work all about it.” – Jill




ORIX AVIATION – “Big thank you for a brilliant night, the team were so impressed with the organization of the evening and we all had great fun! I will be recommending your school to my colleagues for team building events. I will submit a good review on your Trpadvisor over the weekend :) Thank you again, it truly was a great night and everyone was speaking about how fun it was today.” – Amy   


VIRGIN MEDIA – “Thanks a million for such a wonderful night, we laughed all the way through. Giuseppe was a brilliant host and all the staff were so accommodating. Our staff had a great night, they’re all talking about it in the office today.” – Kara  


AIB – “Many thanks for a super evening…Everyone really enjoyed the pizza making and the pizza eating – a very different team night out but really worked out well” – David  


COOKERY CLASS – “I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the team in Pinocchio for the cooking class last Saturday.  We had so much fun and the food was delicious.  You are all so kind :) ” – Alma


ERNST & YOUNG – “We had a really great time! My team will have the best feedback ever, hopefully we will be able to arrange something for one of our team building events. I really can’t wait for another class :) ” –  Gaby




PAYPAL – “We had a good time last night! Best wishes” – Niall


PIZZA WORKSHOP – “Hi there, We had a great trip last Wednesday in Pinocchios. The students really enjoyed the pizza workshop! Thanks” - Rhona


COOKERY CLASS – “Really enjoyed the cookery course this morning! Was wondering if you could pass on the recipes? Thanks” - Scott


COOKERY CLASS – “Thank you all for a most enjoyable cookery class this morning - we really enjoyed it all.  Will be back to eat in your restaurant. Look forward to receiving all the recipes to try ourselves at home. Many thanks” – Nicola


SMARTBOX – “We had a fantastic evening and we’ll be recommending to others in our company to do similar nights with you. The staff were brilliant and really added to the night. I’ll be asking all my team to leave a review for you. Many thanks” – Paul


TEAM COOKING - “Hi Giuseppe and Paola, I had the good fortune to be with a group on Wednesday at Flavour of Italy in Inchicore. We all loved the afternoon and I will definitely be back with other groups. This was one of the best team exercises we have ever done. Really fun, inclusive and nice. Sincere thanks to you both. I know you'll know this, but just want to say that the group are raving about the lovely time they had and how nice both Paola and Giuseppe were to them all.” - Tom


HAVAS CATERING – “We very much enjoyed the food (I kept some and had it for lunch today actually ). A big thank you to you and the guys, they were fantastic and gave a really interesting talk.” – Ronan   




MOLONEY KELLY – “Hello Giuseppe, thank you so much for today, we had a great time! It was so much fun!!!” – Yasmine


CARTRAWLER – “We very much enjoyed the class.” – Heather




MYLAN - “There was great feedback from the team following the event, so thank you for hosting a successful team building exercise. Would you have recipes you could send on to us? They are all keen to try to cook the dishes again J. Thanks” – Mia  


KPMG – “I can’t thank you enough for yesterday – so much enjoyed by all our team!!! Great afternoon & delish food.” - Nicola


ACCENTURE – “Thank you very much for having us – We had a lovely time. I only received positive comments about the activity and I am sure this won’t be the only time we will hold an event with you guys. :) ” – Josman  


SKILLNET – “Thank you very much for your email and the recipe book, we had a wonderful evening, everyone really enjoyed it.” - Alma


HEINEKEN CATERING - thank you so much for the food delivery. It went down an absolute treat and everyone really enjoyed it. – Anna


SMARTLING – “Absolutely loved it! The team all had a great time. The food was excellent and the atmosphere was great! Giuseppe is a great teacher and managed to reign everyones attention in and keep it fun.” - Sinéad


ISTITUTO ITALIANO DI CULTURA CATERING  – "Questa volta ho avuto il piacere di poter partecipare alla cena quindi posso farvi personalmente i complimenti!"

"This time I had the pleasure of being able to attend the dinner so I can personally congratulate you!" - Debora


ESHPOWORLD – “Thank you for a great evening! We all had fun and the food was delicious” - Jelena




HEADWAY – "Grazie ancora per la bella mattinata transcorsa insieme. Il feedback dei pazienti era ottimo (come sempre). P.s.: La parmigiana era una bomba! Ha avuto un successone. Grazie mille e a presto"

"Thanks again for the nice morning spent together. Patient feedback was excellent (as always). P.S .: The parmigiana was a bomb! It had a blockbuster. Thanks a lot and see you soon" - Sara


THE MAXOL GROUP  - “I just wanted to say that all of the team yesterday were fantastic  - Giuseppe, Isabella and Maria.  We had the best experience with them and everyone is talking about it today.  Well done to all involved!” - Jennifer.


OT - RHEUMATOLOGY REHABILITATION UNIT - “We thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Please pass on our compliments to the host – he was brilliant.” - Aoife




DNMGROUP – “It was a fabulous night - everyone really enjoyed the cooking and of course the eating! J I’d love to come back with a friend to cook – thanks a million!” – Bairbre   


SALESFORCE – “Hello, thanks again to you for the cooking and the really nice atmosphere, we really had a great time and we are still talking about it, also I have passed the recipes to the team and many of us are going to try cooking it in next few days. Along the past weeks, my girlfriend and I have tried our pasta machine several times and it seems good one to us, oh also this is heavy machine and you told me it was a good sign of quality. We have prepared Tagliatelle, Garganelle, Tortellini ans Ravioli... Thanks again for the event, and looking forward to the cooking class, see you very soon for it!” - Thomas


CENTRAL BANK OF IRELAND – “Hi Giuseppe, Thank you very much, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and thanks for sending on the recipes.” – Clare


TEAM BUILDING – “Thanks a lot Giuseppe. We all had a great time yesterday." – Sandy 


TEAM BUILDING – “I want to thank you for your kindness and your patience on Friday night. We believe the night was a success and the food was fantastic. A number of our team have already said that they will be back to your restaurant with their families or friends which is a great endorsement. Thanks again and best wishes to Marco, Maria and all of the staff that made us so welcome on the night. I have already been recommending it to people.” – Richard


SAP – “Grazie Mille Guiseppe, the team really enjoyed themselves!” – Ronan


PINOCCHIO RESTAURANT – "Happened upon this fabulous restaurant while walking around Dublin on September 4th ~~ had the most amazing lunch! Best pasta I have eaten in a very long time ~~ and the cheesecake we had for dessert was the lightest ever. I highly recommend Pinocchio Italian Restaurant Temple Bar!!!" – Babs


CITRIX – “Ciao Guiseppe, Grazie mille for this show yesterday was awesome. It was a huge success J I will definitely leave comments and participate to another cooking class with a friend.” – Grace


BEACHCROFT – “Thanks a million Giuseppe, I thought the afternoon would be good, I didn’t think it would be as super as it was! Everyone was raving about it afterwards." – Labhaoise


TEAM BUILDING – “Ciao Guiseppe, a huge, huge  thank you to you and your team for a fantastic event. Everyone really enjoyed it and it was a great success. Your team are extremely attentive and patient and the feedback from colleagues this morning is that you were the star of the show!!!” – Colum


VODAFONE – “Good Morning Giuseppe, I would like to Thank you and all the staff last night, our group had such an amazing and fun time! The service was amazing and the food was unbelievable! I would love to return for another class :-) I will be in touch to arrange! Many Thanks for your hospitality” – Lyndsey


FOOD DELIVERY SERVICE - "The food and wine were all very well received, thank you! Thanks also for the bottle of balsamic vinegar! " - David




AON – “Ciao Giuseppe & Team, Thanks a lot for this amazing night. We haven’t a clue that we are so good cook’s :-) Food was amazing. Thank you for sending on the recipe book :-) We will definitely use this again. Looking forward to attend another class. Grazie mille” – Anna


MICROSOFT - Thanks so much Giuseppe! We had a wonderful time, it was such a fun event and the food was yum!!” - Sarah 


MICROSOFT – “Thanks so much! Was a great event – the team loved it!”


AXA  "Thanks a million for the wonderful night , we had fun and we are definitely coming back, I’m actually telling the other teams in AXA to try this experience so I’m sure more and more will come to Pinocchio’s." - Claudio


COOKERY EVENT - "Hi Giuseppe, Thank you so much for everything last night; we really had a fantastic evening. All the staff and food were amazing and we would highly recommend it to anyone. Thanks again and speak soon" - Megan



JULY 2018

CATERING - "I just wanted to pass on the many thanks that I got for the lovely food on Sunday. Please share this message with the catering team also." - Niamh



JUNE 2018

COOKERY CLASS – “On 30th June I went to Pinocchio to take part in a cookery class with my friend. We made three Italian dishes with just our hands. I really enjoyed it!! Giuseppe was so funny :) It was an incredible handfull experience!! One of the most important thing that I learned in the class is to share with others and to cook like a real team!! The best moment of the event was when we ate together what we cooked before. I'm looking forward to Pizza Cookery Class!!” - Benedetta


TEAM COOKING - “I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for our cooking event last Thursday. We had a great time, it was very interactive, hands-on and hugely enjoyable and last but not least very tasty (despite our best efforts :) ) A huge thank you to you and your team.” - Gabi


AON – “Great time had by all and please send our thanks to the crew, we should be making this an annual event.”


HEN PARTY – “Hi Giuseppe, Thank you so much for last Saturday night. We all had a great time and really enjoyed your style of class. We loved learning the method and using the 'guitar' to make the spaghetti. You were very patient considering the noise level a bunch of women make when they get together. I would love to do another class sometime. Just an excuse to hear your lovely Limerick accent again!” – Linda O.


GRIFOLS – “Hi Giuseppe, Thank you so much for the wonderful class last night! We all had a great time and really enjoyed learning how to make the pizza and then eating it of course! I would love to come to a class with a friend some time, that would be great! I will let you know asap. Thanks again for welcoming us and hopefully see you again soon.” - Linda M.



MAY 2018

VODAFONE – “Thank you so much for hosting our event – it was a complete success and everyone had a great time.”


COOKERY CLASS - "Hi Giuseppe, Thanks very much for treating us so well. We all had a lot of fun, learnt a lot and we have not stopped talking about how good the food was and how brilliant you were. Really appreciate it. I would love to come and cook with you again :) any time or class that you think would be good, I'm happy to take your recommendation. Thanks again."


FOOD DELIVERY SERVICE – “The food was fantastic and delivery was perfectly on time. Thank you very much.”


COOKERY CLASS – “Hi Giuseppe, Thanks so much for another fantastic class, the group absolutely loved it and we will definitely be back again.”


HEN PARTY – “It was a pleasure to meet you and cook with you, everyone like it and have a good time. Thank you.”


SEB Life International – “Ciao Giuseppe and thank you so much for such a great night. We all enjoyed and had so much fun! I will definitely be back :) ”


TRIPADVISOR – “Our team really enjoyed the pizza class, really fun memorable evening! Thanks again.”


TRIPADVISOR – “Hi Giuseppe, Thanks to you and to all the staff for the wonderful experience. Now we will share with the others your recipes!"
"Ciao Giuseppe, Grazie a te e a voi per la bellissima esperienza. Ora condivideremo con tutti le vostre ricette!”


INDEED – “Ciao Giuseppe, We all loved  it, thank you and the other staff for making our experience so special. You deserve all the praise and we will leave some reviews. We will see you soon!!! Grazie mille!


MICROSOFT – “Ciao Giuseppe, we had a wonderful experience with the Italian cooking, thanks so much for hosting us :) Lot’s of interest in the recipes you have provided so appreciate you sending on so promptly. I will recommend your classes across other groups in Microsoft.”


FOOD DELIVERY SERVICE – “The food was so delicious Giuseppe, and everyone loved it!  Thank you so much!”


GOOGE at Pinocchio Italian Cookery School – “Thanks for an amazing evening!”


SOCIAL TALENT at Pinocchio Italian Cookery School - “Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you so much for yesterday. We had an amazingly fun afternoon. Maria and the rest of the staff were fantastic and the food unreal. I look forward to popping in to seeing you guys again. Thanks again”



APRIL 2018

LINKEDIN at Pinocchio Italian Cookery School - “Great!  We had a super time yesterday, thanks so much to all involved  :) ”


DROPBOOX at Pinocchio Italian Cookery School - “Hi Giuseppe, thanks for looking after us so well yesterday. The group really enjoyed the cooking glass. I know we will all be recommending it to our colleagues. Thanks for sending the recipe book. I know the team are really interested in the recipes for both dishes and sauces that we had yesterday. Everyone was very happy with them! Thanks again for everything yesterday.”


PRAI at Pinocchio Italian Cookery School - “Thanks you for such an enjoyable evening.”


ERNEST & YOUNG at Pinocchio Italian Cookery School - “The evening was really great and the team said they loved it! I will leave a review soon :) ”


BDO at Pinocchio Italian Cookery School - “Thank you Giuseppe – we all thoroughly enjoyed it – you’re a born entertainer :-) ”


LOGMEIN at Pinocchio Italian Cookery School - “Thanks so much for the great experience. I will definitely recons this to my company and colleagues.”


MICROSOFT at Pinocchio Italian Cookery School - “Thanks very much for the great time, the entire team was delighted and enjoyed a lot!”


WALK at Pinocchio Italian Cookery School - “Thank you for the recipe book and for looking after our group so well. All the feedback is very positive – as I expected. Your set up and methodology (along with your energy and passion) are key elements in how people with Intellectual Disabilities learn. So I am happy that we were all in the same way of thinking.”


WALK at Pinocchio Italian Cookery School - “I just again want to sincerely thank you for a wonderful afternoon yesterday and how much you and your team made it a wonderful experience for WALK participants and ourselves also. We all really learned about the enjoyment of cooking and how beautiful homemade foods really are.”



MARCH 2018

COOKING CLASS - "Thank you for a wonderful experience at the Italian cookery course.  It was really good fun and my sister and I really enjoyed the event. I have written about it on my website https://jeansmullen.com/Blog/Index/222 " - Jean


HELSINN Cookery Team Building - "Thank you so much for such a fantastic evening. The feedback from everyone was very positive! I'll be sure to pass on the review links to everyone, as I'm sure they'd like to share their feedback. The staff of Flavour of Italy have all been extremely helpful, and the team last night were super friendly and very accommodating. Please pass on my thanks to the whole team, it makes such a difference to deal with an outstanding company such as yours."  


INTERCOM Team Cooking - "Thanks again for a great night :) "


GOOGLE Cookery Team Building - "Thank you so much Giuseppe, we had a great time! :) See you soon."
"Grazie mille Giuseppe, siamo stati benissimo! :) Alla prossima."




FOOD DELIVERY - "Everything was very good! All my guests were delighted, thank you for your kindness and professionalism." 
"Era tutto buonissimo! I miei ospiti erano deliziati, grazie di cuore per la vostra disponibilita' e professionalita'. - Anna Trianni

VERITAS Team Cooking - "Thanks so much for a lovely fun filled evening.  We all really enjoyed ourselves and will definitely do it again in the near future! :) "


PINOCCHIO RESTAURANT - "Thank you for a lovely meal and fantastic atmosphere and service. We will definitely be back. Amazing restaurant." - Ray.


PINOCCHIO RESTAURANT - "We had a fabulous time in your restaurantl last  evening in temple bar. Would definitely go back  and will recommend it to my friends." - Karen


VIRGIN MEDIA at Pinocchio Italian Cookery School - “Please pass on my sincere compliments to the team who looked after us so well last night everyone has been raving about their experience.”




APPLIANCES DELIVERED at Pinocchio Italian Cookery School - “Thanks so much for the recipes and for the fantastic class on Saturday morning – we really enjoyed it! Would definitely recommend the class to family, colleagues and friends, and I hope to be back there again soon for another course!”


COOKING LESSON - "Grazie per le ricette e la bellissima lezione di sabato. Oltre che molto divertente, personalmentre ho trovato il tutto organizzato alla perfezione e (si spera) credo di aver imparato qualche buon trucco! Siete inoltre stati tutti gentilissimi/e, e credo che ci tornero' decisamente, anche a mangiare. E magari a prelevare un po' di lievito di tanto in tanto..."

"Thanks for the recipes and the beautiful lesson on Saturday. In addition to being very funny, I personally found everything organized to perfection and (hopefully) I think I learned some good trick! You have also been very kind, and I think I will definitely return, even to eat. And maybe pick up some yeast from time to time..."


ATA GROUP TEAM COOKING - “Thank you so much for a great event, the team had a fantastic time. I will pass on the recipes book as they all have great aspirations now to cook at home! Again thank you so much to you, Maria and the team, it is an excellent way to get back to basics “cook together and eat together”. We thoroughly enjoyed it.”




GroupM CHRISTMAS PARTY AT PINOCCHIO - "Hi Giuseppe, thank you. The Christmas party was great, everyone had a lovely time. Maria was so helpful, we probably drove her mad but she was fantastic! So can you send on our thanks to her please. Thank you again for all your help!"


GOOGLE TEAM BUILDING - We had a really nice (and delicious) evening, thank you for your great presentation, humor and cooking skills! Would happily leave a good review. Happy holidays!"

CHRISTMAS COOKING PARTY - "Please pass on my thanks to Giuseppe, Carolina and the rest of the staff for their brilliant hospitality last night. We all had a great time and really appreciated their friendly service, fabulous food and patience in dealing with us. We look forward to more events in your restaurant in the future. Best regards and happy Christmas to all."

BIRTHDAY PARTY AT PINOCCHIO RESTAURANT - "What an amazing night! I’m the luckiest girl to be surrounded by the best people! Thank you to the wonderful team at pinocchio for looking after us as always! You made the night really special!"


COOKERY EVENT AT PINOCCHIO ITALIAN COOKERY SCHOOL - "Thanks a lot for the lovely evening we had there at Pinoccio´s!!! Giuseppe was amazing and make our event even funnier and better. Everyone had a good time and we enjoyed the activity and the food! ;) "


PINOCCHIO RESTAURANT - "Genuinely my favorite restaurant in the world."


PINOCCHIO RESTAURANT - "Best Italian restaurant in Dublin. Antonio is the best host ever. So welcoming & nice. A legend. The food is AMAZING. Great location just at the Luas stop & I love the sound of the Luas going past whilst dining! Great ambiance & so handy to be near the pubs for a few drinks after!"




COOKERY CLASS - "Thanks so much for today. We had a great time and the students really enjoyed it! Like I said in the other e-mail, I will try to bring another group later in the year. Thanks again for a really enjoyable afternoon."


PINOCCHIO RESTAURANT - "I've been eating here for several years and I can tell you that this place is THE PLACE to eat in Ranelagh. It brilliantly located in the heart of Ranelagh, you definitely can't miss it. The atmosphere is great and so are the staff but what about the food you ask? It's lush, insanely tasty and not pricey compared to other local restaurants. Go on and treat yourself!"


PINOCCHIO RESTAURANT - "Excellent arancini balls and the best pizza I've ever eaten. Great value for money and lovely staff. Will definitely return."


TEAM BUILDING - "Thank you very much for sending on these recipes. My colleagues had a fantastic day and haven't stopped talking about it since. It was a very well run afternoon with a very entertaining cook! Lovely staff, amazing atmosphere and even better food. Thank you so much for this! I loved the pizza class so much."


COOKING CLASS - "Spent a wonderful few hours cooking with my friends from Headway Ireland. Wonderful venue, great teacher and fantastic food. Best time I have had in ages." 


PINOCCHIO RESTAURANT - "Wonderful food cooked with love and attention. A lovely restaurant and in a great spot."


"I would just like to say thank you so much for inviting me to your cookery school on Saturday. It was such a wonderful morning, your staff are so lovely and made the day so much fun. I will be sure to send on your details to all the event organisers in PwC."


"Thank you so much for such a wonderful class yesterday. Our clients loved it, it was so much fun and we all learned a lot! I haven't seen the group enjoy something so much or become so engaged for a long time so that says a lot about how fantastic it was. I'd be delighted to leave a trip advisor review and will bring groups in the future too. In the meantime I'll practice making my pizza dough!"




"Thank you so much for such a great evening, our group really enjoyed the class - it was fun and informative and we were all delighted with the results!"


"We had a great night, everyone enjoyed the experience. Thanks to all the staff for their assistance and patience. Thanks for everything."


TEAM COOKING - "We had the best time on Friday and have been recommending it to everyone here in the office! We will 100% be leaving positive reviews as we had a blast. Thanks again for everything and look forward to seeing you all again soon!"


PINOCCHIO RESTAURANT - "I always look forward to going to Pinocchio Restaurant Dublin! Nice food, nice people and nice environment. I enjoy meeting the chef as well as the owners who always teach me a few things about Italian food." 

PINOCCHIO RESTAURANT - "I really like this restaurant and everything was good, service was very professional and friendly, amazing italian food, Gianluca the chef is an incredible food artist. Thank you for all!"


TEAM BUILDING - "I went to Pinocchio's yesterday for a team day out to learn how to cook fresh Italian food..I have to say the guys pulled out all the stops for us and were the nicest staff! The food was amazing too..if I do say so myself ; )"


PINOCCHIO RESTAURANT - "I was there with my family and friends, perfect night with good Italian cooking!!!! Recommended"


BIRTHDAY CATERING - I had a special birthday and hired Pinocchio for the catering. The food was superb in particular the salads were astounding Well done to Toamasso and all the team. Fantastic service and delivered exactly on time in the evening. Truly surprised by the quality, effort of all the staff and inexpensive for the outstanding quality. Well done all and the portions were very generous!"


TALLAGHT HOSPITAL Team Building - "Thank you sincerely for such a wonderful evening last Thursday. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all! Just some feedback from the night: Well organized, excellent choice of food simple but tasty, great fun, we liked the small competitions throughout the cooking. Everyone was full of praise for the night and some are already talking about going back with other groups of friends!"


"This cooking class was exceptional. I really recommend this class, great time learning and eating."




"So much fun at this morning's cookery class. Our teacher made things really easy to follow and put lots of humor into the class. Highly recommend the classes and i will be back for more."


CATERING SERVICES - "Just a note of appreciation for the fantastic food and help notably by Tommaso, it made our surprise party so great everyone were raving about all the dishes, fantastic food, fantastic service."


PINOCCHIO RESTAURANT - "A friend and I found this restaurant while walking in downtown Dublin. We actually decided to get that night's appetizer special (flatbread with fresh mozzarella, ham and prosciutto) and to split an entree (gnocchi in a cream sauce with a salad of greens on top) along with a bottle of Chardonnay. It was delicious! The atmosphere is very welcoming, the service was attentive, and the food was filling and satisfying! A great break from the traditional Irish meat and potatoes!"


COOKERY CLASS - ''Thanks so much. We really enjoyed it! Will definitely be back for a third time. Already recommending it to my staff members.''


PINOCCHIO RESTAURANT - "Finally!!! We have found a proper Italian restaurant, myself and my wife and two teens were there yesterday, fantastic food, great service (was very busy at the time) and the staff were very efficient and friendly, highly reccommended!"


TEAM COOKING - "I highly recommend it! It´s perfect to go with a group of friends or for team building activities purposed, we had so much fun! The food was also great. Thank you very much for everything, make sure we will come back."


SALESFORCE Team Building - "Dear Italian Cooking school, thanks for the amazing afternoon and your email. It was a great pleasure for all of us with lots of fun and good food. We definitely will recommend you and hope to see you for another cooking class soon."


ST. JAMES HOSPITAL Team Event - "I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of the team here for the brilliant cookery class. We all had a ball and the food was delicious! We will also be happy to leave a review about our team building class. Thanks again for everything."




Flavour of Italy TRAVEL - "I had the good fortune to meet Marco ten years ago in Mullingar with my good friend Laura. The most passionate man I've ever come across, let it be history, music, philosophy, food, love, song, I joined him on a trip with the Italian School of Cooking to Molise & Campobasso it was so brilliant. I went on another trip the following year eating like gannets & drinking beautiful wine. Marco took us to his village where the locals put out tables of food and drink and the parish priest joined us in food, drink and song. I'll never forget these wonderful trips, we were in the forest where the wild boars forage for truffles, beautiful castles, vineyards churches. We certainly had the pleasure of tasting the flavor of Italy an seeing how the people live in beautiful community with each other in little villages. Keep up the good work Maurizio & Marco until we meet again with loads of love Fergal xxx Live life at its best with Flavor of Italy."


BROWN THOMAS Team Cooking – “Thanks for Tuesday evening, everyone had a wonderful time and really enjoyed themselves. I've just written up a review for you on TripAdvisor and look forward to visiting the restaurant again for dinner soon.”


Team Building KB ASSOCIATES - "Hi Giuseppe, thank you for a great evening last week and for sending on the recipes. Everyone had a wonderful time!  I have left feedback on Tripadvisor."


PINOCCHIO RESTAURANT - “My favourite restaurant - is it the food? The drink? The atmosphere? No it's the people - thank you all at Pinocchio's for making us feel at home always.”


INTERCOM Team Cooking - "My team and I from Intercom had an amazing offsite here last week. 8 of us cooked a fab 3 course meal while sipping on lovely Italian wine. All under the wonderful supervision of Giuseppe our fun, friendly and informative teacher. We learned lots, everything tasted delicious and the whole team really enjoyed sitting together chatting and eating all the beautiful things we cooked. I'd highly recommend this for any team out there! Thanks for a great night Giuseppe and the team :) "


PIZZA MAKING HEN PARTY - "Giuseppe was brilliant and very entertaining! He managed to include all memebers of our pizza making hen party! I would definitely recommend it for an alternative group event, it was fun and delicious!"


CATERING for a two year birthday – “We really enjoyed the food and so did our guests, all asking where we got it. I will leave you a review right now.”



JULY 2017

WORKDAY Team Cooking - Thanks so much for last night the feedback from everyone has been super – we’ll definitely be back!! :) Thanks again for looking after us!


PINOCCHIO RESTAURANT -  "Nice restaurant, traditional Italian food. Good service. Had a good time there."


COOKING EVENT - “I'd like to say that we had a great day on Friday and all the feedback has been very positive. Thanks to yourself and your team for making it a memorable day. Thanks very much for the offer of the free class. I will have a look at the classes this evening and let you know later in the week which class suits :-) ”


TEAM COOKING at Pinocchio Temple Bar - “We had our team offsite in this amazing place! Giuseppe (our instructor) was super nice, friendly, funny & talented! We were 20 people & we cooked amazing 3 course meal within 3 hours! The experience was priceless & surprisingly we enjoyed eating what we cooked (under Giuseppe's supervision) Thank you Giuseppe for the amazing night! We will definitely come again very soon!”


GOOGLE Team Cooking at Pinocchio Temple Bar – “Guiseppe!! You were amazing!! We had a great time and everyone was in love with the food! Thank you so much for making it so much fun yet very tasty & beautiful! I am thankful for your gift & will make sure to come very soon! Huge Thank you & looking forward to seeing you again!”



JUNE 2017

"Thank you Giuseppe. I have had a fantastic night and everybody was very happy. Thank you so much. Your cooking classes are great and you are a wonderful host."


PINOCCHIO RESTAURANT - "We had a fabulous meal here yesterday evening, it was really lovely, also served the best coffee I have ever had and the staff are so friendly and efficient, we will definitely be back."


"Had a really great time learning Italian cooking Saturday morning with the Flavour of Italy guys at Pinocchio's in Temple Bar, would definitely recommend to all foodies to head along Italian food."


"Learning new cookery skills today. Fun day. Lots of veggie options."


HEN COOKERY PARTY - "Thank you so much for a fantastic day on Saturday! Everyone had a brilliant time and they are all talking about going to another class or to just eat the yummy pizza in the restaurant!"


"Thank you so much will definitely recommend to others great work event idea."


"Thank you all for a wonderful cooking class! Everybody loved the event ! :) "


"Thank you so much for last night - the feedback from the group is excellent, they really enjoyed it."



MAY 2017

CATERING SERVICES - "Thank you so much for the excellent food yesterday! It really helped to make our day extra special and we will recommend you highly to our friends."


"Your class was amazing. Thank you so much."

"Thanks so much for that, everyone had a great time and we left very happy!"


"Thank you so much for having us, it was great fun. Everyone in the office was talking about it this morning so it was a massive success.
Some of them even said it was the best event yet. So that’s high praise. "


"Thanks again and again for making our team extremely happy, echoing this event outside of our small team :) "


"Thank you so much - once again - for an amazing evening and team event :) We had a lot of fun and got very good feedback from everybody! "


PINOCCHIO RESTAURANT - “We (7 Persons) stay in Dublin for 3 days. This Restaurant is directy at our Paramount Hotel. Yesterday was our first Day and we finished it with some different food and it was FANTASTIC for EVERYBODY.....thank you very much and we will see us again today for some Pizza.... ;) “


GOOGLE - “What a great night! cooked with our own hands a chocolate crostata, treccia with ham and veggies, fettucine fresche with ragù. And they all tasted delicious at the end! All thanks to the great Giuseppe and his staff, always able to make the complex simple and steal you a big smile :) gogo guys!”


PINOCCHIO RESTAURANT - “Grazie mille. I just briefly wanted to thank you for your very professional service during our lunch last Friday. Your staff did an excellent job, they were very efficient, attentive, friendly and were always smiling. It was a pleasure having eaten at Pinocchio - Temple Bar and we will definitely recommend your restaurant or come by again ;-) All the best.”


“What a night! thanks for helping us to do this amazing and super tasty treccia :) Giuseppe for President!”


"Grazie per la bellissima serata, il team si e’ divertito un sacco e non vedono l’ora di fare pizze, treccie e calzoni a casa. - Thanks for the beautiful evening, the team had a lot of fun and can't wait to make pizza, calzone and treccia at home."


"Thank you so much. I had a great time and learnt lots!"


B&A - "Hi Giuseppe, I just wanted to say thank you so much for a really enjoyable afternoon last Friday.  We all had a great time and I think most of the people (guys and girls) fell in love with you!!  The food was delicious - I'm sure you dumped ours in the bin and switched it with yours. Thanks also thank you to the rest of the staff who were really helpful and attentive. I will definitely be making a trip back to the restaurant. Thanks again.”


FINEOS - "This mail is for let you know that the whole event was a complete success. People had a great time and they learnt the fact that cooking can be fun."


“We cooked up a storm last night. We are such keen chefs in FINEOS that we have another night planned for later today!”


PINOCCHIO RESTAURANT - “I dined in Pinocchio's Saturday evening with my sister & niece. The food was amazing, especially the Pizza. The best I've ever tasted. Compliments to the chef.”


"Hi, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the fantastic cooking class on Friday! The whole team had so much fun and could not stop giving their praises! Real pleasure to learn some great culinary tricks." 



APRIL 2017

TEAM COOKING - "That's the perfect night out for your team or if you are looking for something different with a group of friends. We booked here for 18 people and had so much fun learning to make homemade tagliatelle, a chocolate cake and a kinda pizza dough roll stuffed with veggies, meat and mozzarella at The Italian School of Cooking. Thank you Giuseppe & team for a great interactive class!"


"An amazing italian cooking class where you can have fun while you're learning some beautiful recipes and where you can enjoy your meal afterwards, with a nice glass of wine :) Can't wait to book the handmade sauce class !!! Thank you Giuseppe and the team !!"


GOOGLE team cooking at Pinocchio Temple Bar - "Hi Giuseppe, thanks you soooo much for yesterday, everyone loved it and we had a great time! You are an incredible teacher and fantastic company!!"


DROPBOX at Pinocchio Temple Bar - "Thank you very much for this incredible evening. The team loved it!! Can't wait to come again :) "



MARCH 2017

"Brought my friend as a gift and she loved it. Food was easy to make, thought we would be disasters!! Would def go again n bring a group. Lovely meal meetin lovely people n Giuseppe was so great! Really enjoyed! Highly recommend."


"Hi Giuseppe, thanks so much for your time and the amazing class! We had a lot of fun and it was a huge success :)"


DROPBOX at Pinocchio Temple Bar - "Hey Giuseppe, I'm pretty sure I can speak on behalf of our whole team and say that everyone had a fantastic night. A huge thanks to you and your team for making it a great experience."


PINOCCHIO RESTAURANT - "Amazing Italian food!!! The atmosphere is really nice and all staff are very friendly. I loved!!!"


TCD at Pinocchio Temple Bar - "We really enjoyed it we had great fun and great food and wine :) thank you so much. I would love to along for a cooking lesson with a friend, that would be great."


CAPITA - "Ciao Giuseppe, thank you so much for last night. We had a fantastic time and this morning everybody is in good humour talking about it. I think some people would go again tonight if they could :) You were very entertaining and it was a real education."


"Big Big Thank You to Maria & all the professional staff at Pinocchio's, what a great night we had, I brought over 20 family & friends to celebrate a family event, every person loved the food & the friendly staff, this is the best Italian Restaurant in Temple Bar, you have to try it. Thank you once again Pinocchio's for a night we will never forget. 10/ 10”





"Thank you for a very enjoyable cooking class last Saturday – we had so much fun. Would definitely recommend it to friends. I left you a lovely review 5 stars :) Many thanks."


"Last month I went to Pinocchio Restaurant during the Saturday class. The teacher, Giuseppe was very brilliant and kind! I want to suggest this experience to everyone who loves spending time in cooking!"




PINOCCHIO RESTAURANT - "Not easy to find abroad restaurant 100% Italian. Tasty meals, good atmosphere, kind staff and not too expensive for Dublin standard. Highly recommended."


"Authentic Italian dishes made with passion, warm and inviting atmosphere and an amazing team of people behind it. I can highly recommend going to Pinocchio for the overall experience!"


Cookery event - "We had a great evening! Everybody loved the food and the enthusiasm. Thanks."




FIDELITY at the Italian School of Cooking - "The team LOVED the experience and are still talking about it two days later. Thanks again!"


HOPSCOTCH at Pinocchio in Temple Bar –  We really had a fantastic time! Thank you again for such a lovely evening – and for sending on the recipes to us, so we can practise at home :)


"We had a great time at the cookery class on Saturday! Will definitely recommend them to others! Thanks."


GOOGLE at the Italian School of Cooking – "Thank you for an amazing evening, it was so much fun, and all of my colleagues really loved it! Feedback wise, I have only received very very good feedback: the food was delicious, it was a lot of fun, everybody was so nice, it was good to have groups etc."




"We had a wonderful time at the cookery school. It was such fun and we really learned a lot. My girls are still talking about it. Thanking you again."


"My husband and I loved our experience learning and cooking Italian food. It was a fantastic way to spend a few hours and I can’t recommended it enough to family and friends. I see you have a class on 7th Jan for Making Italian Homemade Pizza. I would love to take my daughter to it."


"I took part in one of your superb Flavour of Italy 3-course cookery evenings in Pinocchio Restaurant in Temple Bar. Hopefully we'll be back again & I have recommended the evening highly to a number of colleagues & friends since!"


"The food was amazing. I am going to order from you again very soon. None of my Italians complained. It makes my life so easy. THANK YOU."




"Many thanks Giuseppe! Everyone had a wonderful time – the feedback has been fantastic, thank you. Looking forward to meeting you again soon! Thanks again for your flexibility and for putting on such a  great event for us."


"Had a lovely meal here this evening. The staff who served us were really helpful and attentive. I loved Pinocchio in Ranelagh. The food was excellent. We will be back. Wishing you every success in your new branch in Temple Bar."


VHI team building - "The team really enjoyed the event last Friday and in particular Giuseppe’s teaching style! It was a great success."


GOOGLE at Pinocchio Temple Bar - "Thanks Giuseppe, really appreciate everything you've done. Everyone loved it."


"Grazie Giuseppe, a brilliant class and very enjoyable. Love Nonna's recipes - true Italian cooking! We will be back for dinner!"




BCD TRAVEL team building - "Thanks for the recipes. We are all looking forward to trying them out. We all really enjoyed the night last Friday. It’s really an enjoyable experience and something different to sitting in a pub.  I am sure we were not the easiest group you have had. A little giddy :)  You managed to keep us all focused to produce all that amazing food. My kids loved the left over chocolate cake. I hope the Temple Bar cookery lesson venue is a success for you. I have no doubt it will be."


REGENERON team building - "Now I know how to make pasta I will be a good Italian wife!! I will come back to you with a date :) The team LOVED the evening and especially you ;) It was a great night and I will highly recommend the class to my friends and family."


"Big hello to evryone at Flavours of Italy Cookery School. Myself and my friend attended class on Tuesday and I want to say how much we enjoyed the night. We felt warmly welcomed and the staff were very friendly and helpful. We shared our table with some lovely people and we had a great laugh with them. As for Giuseppe, he was fantastic, he made the night for everyone and was up for a laugh, thanks Giuseppe you are great."


"A short email to say sincerest thanks to Giuseppe and his team who were fantastic this morning. Really loved the cooking class. So much fun and I learned a lot. Giuseppe is so warm, friendly and helpful. I'll spread the word about the courses and hopefully I'll be back again soon to try another."


"Ciao Giuseppe, thank you so much for the fantastic event! We all had so much fun! - Sorry for my late reply but I enjoyed some time in bella Italia. We all had such a great time and the event definitely brought the team together. Exactly what I was hoping for! The food was delicious! It even convinced some skeptics and brought back childhood memories for Alessandro. Everybody was praising how well you performed the lessons and the warm welcome we received from the Pinocchio staff. I think we will all recommend both, the class and the restaurant. So thank you again and thank you for sharing the fantastic recipes! My team will be delighted to have them! I'll see you soon at a class!"


"Agreed! It was a really super event. Is there somewhere I can post a glowing review for you guys? Thanks!"


"The class was amazing! Now we really want to take the pizza class! Thank you very much!"


"Hi Giuseppe, I just wanted to say a bit thank you for all your help at the event for Michelle's hen, I was the coeliac there on the day and it was wonderful to have all your guidance and assistance on the day. Carmel and Claire did a fantastic job with organising the event. I really enjoyed the day."




"Myself and my husband had a great time at your course on 28th August – the pizzas were delish! We are having some people over in a couple of weeks and I was thinking of making pizzas for sharing. Thanks a mil, and thanks for a great morning!"


"Hi Giuseppe! Thank you for a great night, it was fun and everybody enjoyed it. I’ve received very positive feedback."


"Hi there! We had an absolute blast this past weekend at the cooking class! We will definitely be taking one of your other cooking classes again soon! Thanks very much!"


"Thanks for the recipes and we had a great day! Will try out the restaurant soon!"


"Thank you for a great morning's cooking on Saturday 6th last. We had a great time & loved our lunch especially the Gnocchi & the wonderful tomato sauce. Would it be possible to have a recipe for the tomato sauce which we decided was the best we have ever tasted. Again thank you. I am trying to persuade my husband (not a great Italian food fan) that we have to have lunch in your restaurant & I hope we will change his mind! Continued success to you all."


CARTRAWLER at Pinocchio in Temple Bar - "We really enjoyed Wednesday night. Everyone on the team was delighted with the food, the experience and of course the host! Thank you again."



JULY 2016

VHI at Pinocchio - "Thanks for a great night we all thoroughly enjoyed the evening and the food was lovely :) You had great energy which I felt really got the group in the mood so thank you very much!"


VHI at Pinocchio - "Thank you to you and the entire team at Pinnochio for what was a fantastic night on Friday. Everyone had an absolute ball and loved the food."


Family Party Buffet - "The food was absolutely amazing! Everyone was so impressed! The Lasagna & Chicken dish was divine! As was the sandwiches and everything else. We will definitely be ordering from you again in future! Thank you so much! Thanks again, I really appreciate everything you have done for us."


"My colleagues told me they had a great night last night for the cooking class. They enjoyed it very much. Thank you very much."


"I have had excellent feedback from a lot of people that participated in the event, it went down very well. I definitely think this is something our group would look at doing again! :) Thank you again for the event."


"Thanks a million for a brilliant morning cooking and learninmorning. It was a lot of fun and very well taught. Also thanks a million for adding tiramisu to the course. I really appreciate that."



JUNE 2016

"Thank-you so much for the pizza party on Saturday. The girls enjoyed every minute thanks to your enthusiasm and humour. I expect you'll have some repeat custom as a result. Holding the class in your Temple Bar restaurant really added to the atmosphere (& the convenience for the hen party). Everyone thought it was really great value for the class too given the quantity & quality of the food we ate both before and after."



MAY 2016

SEB, Pizza party event - "Thanks so much for last Friday, everybody loved it!"


FIDELITY at the School - "Hi Giuseppe, big thank you from us all for a wonderful evening yesterday – the group had so much fun, and you were hilarious (we think you should do stand-up comedy!). The dinner at the end was lovely, and our food tasted great (surprise surprise!!). We will definitely be back again for our next event."



APRIL 2016

You made my life so much easier yesterday. The food was amazing. So much so I think they are visiting Pinocchio later. Thank you so much, everything was perfect. I will be using you on a regular basis. Thank you.


The next time you are in town, please head into Pinocchio’s, it’s the best Italian restaurant in Dublin, this one only opened on the 17th March this year, and I cannot recommend it enough, that have a great list of wine’s, you can buy products to bring home and cook, the menu is fantastic, it is proper Italian food, cooked by Italians, who make you feel welcome, and do not rush you away from the table, they also run a cookery school “The Italian School of Cooking” with Marco Giannantonio & Giuseppe Crupi, so if you like real Italian food, a place with nice staff and somewhere to improve your cookery skills, Pinocchio has it all under one roof. Buon appetito.


Everyone had a wonderful time, it was a really good event and the talk of the office this morning.  Your teaching style is brilliant, thanks so much, looking forward to cooking again together already :)



MARCH 2016

AON at the School - "Thank you so much for last night, I have heard only great reports so far!"


REPAK at the School - "Thank you so much we had a fantastic night, everyone was singing the “Cork Mans” praises this morning. Please can you send me the recipes from last night so everyone can re-create their delicious dishes at home. Again, thank you."


"Thanks a lot for such a great event! It was EXCELLENT, everyone loved it :)  Ciao!"


PEPSICO at the School - "Thanks a million Giuseppe, we had a great time. The event was great fun and the team really enjoy it."

AOL pizza at the School - "Thank you very much Giuseppe. Everybody was very very happy with the event :) We will for sure come back at some stage :) "




SAGE masterclass at Pinocchio - "We had such a wonderful evening, everyone enjoyed themselves and there is great chat in the office today about the event. Great food, great wine, great service. We will definitely be back."


"That is really good a lovely thing to have. Thank you so much for Saturday everybody had a great day and I will definitely recommend the school to friends and family. Hopefully I will see you again soon for another class."


"Marco and Maurizio, thanks so much for such a lovely trip.  We enjoyed it all immensely and every one made us feel so welcome.  Hope to see you soon again."


"Really enjoyed your class on  saturday, I was reading your recipes today, hope to see you again. I really enjoyed the experience and would like to lern more, thanks again for a very enjoyable day"


"Thanks again for a lovely class on Saturday.  My friend and I really enjoyed ourselves and the food.  You put great effort and energy into the class as always and we both found it very informative. We were particularly proud of our treccia (spelling?) - plait.  We had a very sociable table - table No. 3 and really it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon - great food, leisurely company and nice wine - la dolce vita - what more could a body want?"


"Thanks so much for yesterday. We had so much fun and the food was lovely! It was really relaxed but we learned a lot!"




"Hi Giuseppe, I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic cookery class yesterday. Dave and I both thoroughly enjoyed it - we will be recommending to our friends. Thanks again."


"AirBnB at the School : The event last night was exactly want we wanted. We liked that it was only for us and the atmosphere was so authentic, so it was a bit like having dinner at a friends place. Also you do a great job making cooking fun for everybody! :) I will certainly be happy to join another day."


"Food was sooooo good. Lasagne was a masterpiece. It disappeared in a few minutes :) We were very happy with taste of food and quality of service."


"Ciao Giuseppe, thank you so much for the great evening last night! Everyone including me loved it!! We really enjoyed your & Angelos hospitality. For sure I am coming back for an evening cooking course with my girlfriend!"

"Dear Giuseppe, Thanks to you and your team. We had an absolute ball there and will definitely be back. Thanks for the recipes. Looking forward to making pasta with our pasta maker and cutter for our 2 teenager boys. Such great fun today.  Thanks again."


"Non ho parole per esprimerrti quanto ti sono grata per il pomeriggio di ieri :-D. I bambini erano tutti estatici e si vede bene dal bellissimo video realizzato da Giammarco, che ringrazio di cuore insieme a tutto lo staff di Flavour of Italy.Tutto è andato alla perfezione e tutti più che soddisfatti, direi felici! Mi hanno già chiesto di organizzarne un altro e sto pensando seriamente a Pasqua :-) "


"I have no words to express how grateful I am for yesterday afternoon :-D. The children were all ecstatic and one can see it in the beautiful video made by Giammarco, who I heartily thank togheter to all the staff of Flavour of Italy. Everything went perfectly and everyone was more than satisfied, I'd say happy! They have already asked to organize another event and I'm thinking seriously about Easter :-) "


"Ciao Giuseppe. Many thanks to you and team for a most enjoyable evening; we had a fantastic time and are still raving about it! It was a great alternative to the usual Christmas team outings and a super fun group activity. We will be sure to recommend to friends and colleagues here at Salesforce. It was fabulous! Wishing you a safe and happy Christmas."


"Thank you very, very much for such a lovely evening. It was a lot of fun!! I received only but good feedback from the crowd :-) "


"The food and service as always was excellent, thank you. Thank all the staff for Saturday night."


"All the feedbacks were extremely positive and you and your team are to be thanked for that. So, a big thanks you from the guys, be assure that we will promote Flavour of Italy to our colleagues! Thanks again!"


"Giuseppe! Thank you and the team very much for a terrific evening :) Everybody had a really great time and we did have a bit of a thirst for a few beers after, so it was a late night. You have a super operation there and you brought great fun and merriment to the event. Thanks again."


"Thank you so much, everyone had a fantastic time – a very successful team building day.  I’ve had great feed back from everyone who went along, and also from those that were brought samples home to try!! Thanks again. Ci vendiamo presto!!"


"I'm just emailing to say thanks for the catering on Saturday. The teachers are always impressed and full of praise for the variety and quality of the food. I ate so much crostata and so much cheese that day! Thanks again and compliments on the delicious food!"


"Personally I had a great night...really enjoyable and hands on. I would be delighted to return! My children are having the Tagliatelle all'amatriciana for lunch!!! Devoured it."


"Thanks Giuseppe the team had a great time yesterday and the food was amazing. I reckon there’ll be a fair few pizza’s made this weekend!"


"Grazie mille Giuseppe, i ragazzi hanno detto che è stato il team bonding event più bello che abbiamo fatto fino ad ora! Tornerò a trovare te (e Flavio LOL!) per un altro corso, fosse la volta buona che imparo anche io a cucinare :) "


"Thanks so much Giuseppe, everyone said that the team bonding event has been the most beauty they have ever done! I'll come back soon for another class, may be I'll finally learn to cook :) "


Tornerò a trovare te (e Flavio LOL!) per un altro corso, fosse la volta buona che imparo anche io a cucinare :) 
"Thank you for fantastic night, everybody really enjoyed itI’ve heard a lot of good feedback so well done to you all Looking forward to see you again at the cooking class."


"Thanks for a great night. Had such a good time. Will definitely be making pizza myself in future!!"


"La serata da voi è stata meravigliosa. Complimenti per il vostro progetto di insegnamento. Ho imparato alcune chicche stupende. Come me tutti i ragazzi! Proverò a fare la frolla una di queste sere!  La crostata è il mio dolce preferito. Tutti si son divertiti! Spero di riuscire a venire con qualche amico un'altra sera prossimamente. Ti ringrazio e a prestissimo!"


"The evening was wonderful. Congratulations on your teaching project. I learned some amazing goodies. Like me all the boys! I'll try to make the pastry one of these evenings! The pie is my favorite dessert. Everyone had fun! I hope to come up with some friends one evening soon. I thank you and see you very soon!"


"What an amazing day and thank you for helping my partner and i create such wonderful meals! Both you and your team were exceptional and we really enjoyed the day!"


"Fantastic class this morning. My mother in law loved it. Unfortunately that's my 3 classes used up but I 100% will be back up to learn more. And also recommend you to friends."


"Thank you so much for such an enjoyable evening! Everyone had a fantastic time and the food was great. I've already started recommending the evening to as many people and teams as possible. Look forward to cooking there again!"


"Everybody loved the class last night. It was great fun! We are all looking forward to doing something with you again, sometime soon!"


"Hi Giuseppe, many thanks for sending through the recipes and for a great night. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed it!"


"Hi Giuseppe, so far I have received only positive feedback. The participants loved both the cooking itself and the taste of the delicious food. I know you are not an attention seeker at all J but I think the fact that you brought a lot of character and humour to the cooking event made it so much more fun for everyone. Looking forward to the next class! Thank you very much for everything."


"Ciao Giuseppe, we really enjoyed the cooking class, and cooking with you too. We both are looking forwarded to cooking with you again. We had a brilliant time."


"Thanks for the great event the other day. Everyone really enjoyed it and they only had positive feedback, they all liked it !
I will spread the word about your cooking class :)"


"Thank you so much for Saturday. I had a great time, It was fun but we also learnt a lot. I will highly recommend it to all of my friends & family."



JULY 2015

"Thanks for the wonderful morning. I learned to cook 5 new dishes that I'm sure will be sure fire hits with my family when i go cooking again this Christmas eve for them. Thanks for the new skills."


"Good morning Giuseppe. Thank you so much for a fantastic evening, the girls are still raving about it. The pasta making was brilliant fun, the Treccia was playful and the Chocolate cake delicious. But none of these would amount to anything if we hadn't your great personality to bring out the real Italian flavour!!!"


"We all really enjoyed ourselves last night, we had a great laugh! You will definitely see us back! They are all still talking about it this morning in the office. Many Thanks once again." 



JUNE 2015

"Thank you so much for such a fantastic evening last Tuesday. The girls were raving about it all week. They really enjoyed themselves and everyone though the food was fantastic. I’ve just sent them the pasta recipes too and I know they are really looking forward to trying them out. The event itself was really well run, you guys have a fantastic team and should be very proud of yourselves! Thanks so much again!"


"Thank you for the receipes and for a fantastic afternoon. It was a pleasure to meet you and participate in some great cooking – the receipes are fab! I anticipate a lot more Italian cooking in my house over the coming months :)"


"Thank you Giuseppe. Really enjoyed the day. It was great fun and will definitely be trying these recipes again. May see you at the school for another session some day!"


"Thank you Giuseppe, we had a wonderful day yesterday and the whole team gathered in the tea room this morning to eat the tart we brought away with us! The day was a great success and you were a big hit with the group! We haven’t stopped talking about the delicious pasta and also the sauce that went with it so I’m sure I wont be the only one relieved to get the recipe! "


"I can’t thank you and all the staff for such a great evening.  We all picked up some new skills and had a laugh along the way!  Food was gorgeous as always."


"Many thanks to Guisippe and all staff at Flavour of Italy. We had a great day yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon with you all :)"


"Hi Giuseppe, I really had a great time cooking today and actually this is my second time. I super loved it and I'm planning to do more cooking lessons with you. I've learned a lot from you. Thank you so much Giuseppe."


"Ciao, I just attended your pizza/dough making class today. I asked my daughter to leave my details for you to send on the recipes.  She forgot! Please please send on the recipes. Can't wait to try them at home. Thanks for a truly wonderful cooking experience. Will definitely do again."


"We all had a great time. It is great to see such passion around great food!"


"Giuseppe thank you very much for last Thursday. It went absolutely brilliantly. Your team was excellent and the food was excellent. A number of people came up to me on Friday to ask me who done the food on Thursday. It was a great event and really showed of what Dublin has to offer to our European visitors."


"Thank you Giuseppe. We had a wonderful evening."


"Thank you very much for the kind gesture. I really enjoyed the class as did everyone else in the group. I thought it was well organised, fun and an education into Italian cooking. Your staff are very kind and you made the event fun and relaxed while learning to cook such amazing food. I think everyone will try and cook at least one of the courses. Thanks again."



MAY 2015

"Thank you very much Giuseppe, we all really enjoyed the evening. I brought one of my Amaretti Biscuits home to my son and he loved it. I will definitely be making them over the weekend and will be looking out for a pasta roller too. Thanks again, I will recommend your business to friends and family."


"The feedback I got on Monday was nothing but positive.  Everyone enjoyed your guidance and sense of humour!!  All your staff made us very welcome and we settled in straightaway.  Overall the gang found the whole experience entertaining, enjoyable and we even learned a thing or two."


"Thank you for a wonderful cookery lesson on the 20th May last. It was very enjoyable, good fun, informative and naturally the food was fabulous. Thank you for wine recommendation, it was very smooth. Thank you very much.  I hope to see you again soon. Saluti!"


"I would like to thank you for your politeness and hospitality. The session was very interesting, pleasant and instructive. I hope to see you again."


"We had a great time, and learnt a lot, thanks!! Look forward to having a few folk over and impress them! We would love to do it again with a few friends some time if it worked out. Hopefully catch you soon then! Thanks"


"Grazie mille Giuseppe! The class was fantastic!!! Hope to be back soon."


"The team really loved the event! They were talking about it all day yesterday and look forward to making some pasta and tiramisu at home themselves. Let's see how that goes :)  We will definitely come back for a class in the near future."


"Thank you for last night's class. It was a well run enjoyable class. Looking forward to my next class."


"Hi Giuseppe, many thanks to yourself, Seba and Lorenzo for a fantastic evening. Everybody had a great time. I will spread the word in FBD !!"


"Myself & Rachael had a fab time on Saturday.  Besides ‘learning’  from your Brilliant self,  it was a lovely social outing that I would highly recommend it to anyone – makes me want to go out & buy Pasta making & cutting machines! Joking aside, found the course very informative –  the set-up in the school was great – very hands on – which surprised me as I have done cookery classes before in the city centre & we just sat & watched the Chef do the cooking and got to do a very small bit of cooking at the very end then  sat eating it off paper plates using disposable forks– this was so much better – let’s face it at the end of your ‘cookery lesson’ you have a 3 course meal made by yourself & your group, seated at a table with proper plates & utensils & not forgetting a ‘lovely’ glass of wine yum! What better way to spend your Saturday morning – beats cleaning the house any day!!"


"Great experience. Plus you get to eat your cooking efforts :) Highly recommended for groups of friends or colleagues. I'm going again for sure!"


APRIL 2015

"Also, made the Treccia for the 1st time yesterday and my hubby said 'no disrespect to your cooking but this is the best thing you have ever made'... So, thanks for teaching me ... "


"What a wonderful success all round!  Please thank your staff for me they were brilliant… as of course were you – much talked about amongst my colleagues."


"I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for the beautiful food today, it was gorgeous as always."


"Hi Giuseppe – we had a lovely evening last night and my husband very much appreciated the leftovers! Thank you for being so accommodating :) "


"Thank you so much for a great evening, the guys all had a great time - even those that were not so enthusiastic at the start! It's such a fun way to spend an evening."


MARCH 2015

"The feedback has been really super here in the office – everyone really enjoyed it. The friendly hospitality, warm atmosphere and of course the creative cooking class and experience itself all made for a very memorable afternoon / evening. All the very best and thanks again for a wonderful event!"




"Thanks for last Saturday. It was fantastico :) we will be back again for a pizza making class, will try and bring a few friends."
"Thanks so much for a lovely night last week! Everybody said how much fun they had and I think it was a real success! It was really great to learn how to make the pasta esp. – quite a satisfying process and the wine and all elements of the meal were really nice. Thanks for everything"
"Ciao Giuseppe, I just wanted to write to say how much Sean and I enjoyed the cookery class on Saturday afternoon last. We had a great time and would be delighted to recommend you and the Italian school of Cooking to any budding chefs.Thanks again until the next time."
"We had a great time. All the feedback has been brilliant and all the guys had great fun. They thought you were very friendly and funny."




"I just wanted to send a quick mail to say thanks so much for last night, everyone had a great time! The food was lovely and I will definitely be trying some of them at home with the kids :) I will keep all your details on file as I think it is the perfect event for my next client event. Thanks again"




"I can't thank you enough for yesterday, everybody had such a great time, we've had some awesome feedback!"

"I was going to email you and thank you . The feedback was great ,food and staff excellent everyone I spoke to said the food was top class , the organisation and execution was very professional . We will defiantly do something with guys again . Please thank all involved."




"Let everyone know in your business your lunch was lovely everyone was mad about the sandwiches. Thanks again."


"Dear Antonio, Just a quick note to say thank you to you and all the team in Pinocchio for making the Dublin Lions Club Charter Night a very special one. The whole night was a huge success, food delicious and service excellent. All the staff were so friendly and efficient and even though the restaurant was so busy they all managed to keep smiling. Everyone had a wonderful evening and the atmosphere was unbeatable. Thank you all – you will be seeing a lot more of us!!!"




"I just writing to thank you again for such a fun and educational night that was had last night. I've learned three new dishes that I can add to my growing repertoire of cooking skills."




"Thank you so much. We thoroughly enjoyed last Friday, everybody really had wonderful time and very positive comments about the cooking. Great to know how to make REAL pasta!"


"Thank you for sending over the recipe book. Everyone was very happy to receive it and I would imagine there will be a lot of pizza made this weekend! That is very nice of you! I will definitely come back out. The event itself was brilliant, we received great feedback from everyone who attended. I think everyone really enjoyed getting their hands messy and making everything from scratch. It is too easy these days just to pick up a phone and order a pizza from a take away that it was very nice to see actually how easy it is to make a pizza from scratch!"


"My son brought me to your class this evening as my Birthday present, and what a present! We had great fun cooking together, met some lovely people, ate a beautiful meal and learned some good recipes too. Those amaretti biscuits were amazing!!! A brilliant night out-thank you."




"Supremely professional whilst making it interesting, engaging and enjoyable. The most memorable use of a few hours on aSaturday. Truly remarkable experience. Compliments to Giuseppe and team."
"Thank you for a wonderful day, last saturday. I really learned a lot as well as having great fun. I will definitly be back soon, but I think I will also bring my wife the next time."


"Thanks very much we all had a fab day and looking forward to trying the recipe again!!!!"


"I wanted to thank you for the wonderful evening at Flavour of Italy on Wednesday. We really enjoyed the enthusiastically demonstrated cooking, your very fun approach and the tasty authentic Italian food. We have been spreading the word and will definitely return for another class soon. Grazie per tutto!"


"Hi Giuseppe, thanks for a great day, your teaching style is lovely (relaxed and funny!). I'll be back again!"



JULY 2014

"We had a brilliant night! You and Sebastian were great fun and very patient. Everyone is still talking about the evening. Some of us our now converted to fresh pasta making! Loved it and we shall certainly be back again to do another cooking evening. Loved it!!"


"We had an absolutely great afternoon filled with loads of fun and went away with some tasty recipes and techniques. Your energy and passion really added to the great atmosphere found in your kitchen!"


"Thanks so much for a wonderful evening at the Italian School of Cookery! It was much more than a cookery course....it was a really great, memorable experience with the "perfetto" mixture of entertainment, learning and fun. It is a unique experience and great to have the privacy of an exclusive venue and be able to feel right at home there. The relaxed atmosphere was created by Giuseppe, our chef who ensured that the work got done in the most enjoyable way! Everyone really enjoyed it and no doubt will be back soon to relive the experience! Thanks so much."


"Many, many thanks for the entertainment and education at the SAP event on Sunday. It was a really special experience both on a personal and team level."


"I too am looking forward to cooking with you again. Last April I did the Easter meal with you. On that course we were shown how to make Focaccia, Homemade Tagliatelle & Torta Della Nona. Since then I have made the Focaccia several times and have nicely perfected the base through trial and error. It's been well received by my dinner guests. I have made the torta della nona only once and it was a good effort. Because of these courses I am now cooking Christmas eve dinner for my family. This time last year I was useless in the kitchen but now I have a great interest in cooking and getting better at it. Thanks to Flavor of Italy I am now enjoying a new past time that is both healthy, creative and fun."


JUNE 2014

"Great thanks for your passion, excellent sense of humour, wonderful expertise!"
"Thank you very much for the dinner! Everyone had an amazing time! We really enjoyed ourselves! We spread the news everywhere!"



MAY 2014

"Great day, would highly recommend it!"


"Supremely professional whilst making it interesting, engaging and enjoyable. The most memorable use of a few hours on a Saturday. Truly remarkable experience. Compliments to Giuseppe and team."


"Thank you for a lovely time and super food."


"La cena ieri sera era ottima e il servizio perfetto, oltre che estremamente amichevole. Complimenti ad a tutto il team e alla prossima alla Scuola."


"Just writing to let you know your time last month was not wasted. I tried making the Focaccia this evening for my family. They were delighted with the outcome. It turned out similar to what we made. Plenty of practice needed to perfect though. I hope to see you shortly again for more tutorials in my favorite cuisine."


"Grazie mille per la consegna di oggi. Ottimi prodotti (no, non abbiamo ancora stappato, tranquillo) e grandiose presentazione dei voucher."



APRIL 2014

"Just a little note to say we really enjoyed our visit to A Flavour of Italy on Friday  - we will be letting all know how lovely it was!!"


"Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that the lunch went down extremely well with our Italian guests!"


"Thanks a million for a wonderful afternoon. I learned a lot. I am already looking at other courses to do and hopefully I'll see you soon."


"It was lovely to meet you and to have seen the Cookery School - it is incredible, one minute you are in Dublin and next I am in Italy by just walking through a door!!"


"Thank you again for Saturday, I really enjoyed it and it was good to see exactly what Flavour of Italy is all about."



MARCH 2014

"Just a quick note to say you have the best staff in Ranelagh!!!"


"Thanks so much for a wonderful evening on Friday! Everyone had a brilliant time and everyone is still talking about it in the office this morning... I would love to come again to one of your classes."


"Oredred in "Flavour of Italy" food today for the office. The evidence speaks for itself! Sadly I was delayed getting down and all the veggie food was gone."


"The food last night was excellent and went down very well with our guests. In fact it was so good they wanted more so we were in for lunch today too!"


"I attended the pizza and bread making course last Saturday the 1st with the wonderful Giuseppe. What a fabulous course! I hope to attend many more!"



"I higly recommend the cookery course at Flavour of Italy with Giuseppe Crupi, it is fun, you make new friends and most important you learn to cook beautiful Italian food. Simple cooking and amazingly tasty. Try it."


"Thank you maestro for the cookery class this evening, great fun and delicious results!"


"Jus a note to say thank you so much for such a wonderful evening last night. We had an amazing time learning how to cook "proper" Italian cuisine. I hope we see you all again soon."


"Many thanks for hosting such a fantastic evening last night, my husband and I have done a number of classes with you and will certainly be returning again, we always have such a great time!"


"We really enjoyed the class on Saturday we had a blast and highly recommended to our friend. Thank you"


"The evening was great...you are a good entertainer as well as cook!  We all enjoyed your Italian (and perhaps your own personal) sense of humour :) "
"Thanks to you and your team for looking after us so well last night. The evening was a roaring success. I am sure we will be organising more events at your school. Thanks!"


"Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. You are a very talented chef
but you are just fantastic as a teacher. I hope to meet up with you and your wonderful team again in the near future. Ciao"




"I hope to get a gang of ladies up to you either in feb or march, I really enjoyed myself."


"I am happy to recommend your course to friends as it was very enjoyable. Mille grazie. Il corso mi è piaciuto molto."
"Thank you very much for everything. You have been a great host. Everyone was very happy with the pizza class last night."


"We did an event with you last year, which was a wine tasting, pasta making dinner.... it was great fun, so we're back for more!"


"I am looking forward to your class on 8th March. I have cooked with you before and enjoyed it so much I was telling my family and friends who decided that they too would like to attend, hence why there are five of us this time. I am looking forward to making more pasta!!" 




"Thanks Guiseppe! And also thanks again for the great event, it was a real success!"


"Food was AMAZING as usual! Those little cibatta squares with olive went down a treat! Id love to order them next time if possible? Thanks a million for that through!" (About lunch at the Italian School of Cooking)


"Many thanks for the recipes. Had a great time last Saturday, learned a lot and now l'm looking forward to trying my new skills."


"We both really enjoyed the day cooking at your school. My daughter in particular is still telling everyone about it. Could you send the recipe, my daughter wants to cook them again for everyone at home."




"Thank you for looking after our group yesterday!! The whole team had a fantastic time and judging from their tweets and Facebook statuses, as well as the many emails I've received, they will be returning!! This was definitely the best team event we've had, I cannot recommend it highly enough!"

"Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon. I really enjoyed the food, the wine & of course the people. I am now inspired to add a few more recipes to my repertoire. I will definitely be back in the future for some more ideas."


"Giuseppe! Really enjoyed the night and will be back for more. You were super!"


"Grazie a te! We had a brilliant night, everyone really enjoyed it, you helped create a great fun atmosphere and we were thrilled at how nice the food turned out! "


"Thank you so much for your patience and guidance on Saturday night I really enjoyed my Hen cooking party and would love to come back. Thank you for the recipes will definitely try them out on my hubbie to be."


"Thank You Giuseppe, our team hugely enjoyed their time with you ….. they are all still talking about it today!!"


"Thank you so much for Saturday, Giuseppe. It was a great experience and I’m delighted to have finally learnt how to make my own pasta… if only to show off."


"Fantastic staff and fantastic food!!"


 "I have done two cooking classes with you and really enjoyed them, so now I'm bringing my husband and sister with me."


"Thank you for a most enjoyable pasta making class on Saturday."


"Guiseppe and his team gave an amazing class. We learned so much and the food was so so tasty. Would highly recommend and will definitely be returning!"


"Just want to thank you for the great class yesterday and look forward to the next one."


"Great evening the two chefs are so passionate about food and what they do it really adds to the cooking. They also have a very good sense of humor."


"Thanks for a great fun eve, food was Delish! who knew we were all great cooks lol thou made easy having such good teachers! :) Will be back again."


"I had a great time and the food was amazing! Great instruction, great atmosphere - loved it. I'll keep practising ;)"


"Have been to 2 cookery courses so will probably not go to another."

*  *  *  *  *


"Great experience for people of all ages!"

September 2013


"Thank you for hosting us yesterday. The feedback has been so positive, everyone had a great time and agreed that the aubergine rolls were the highlight. You have an excellent cookery school and I am sure you will see us all again soon and I will also be in touch shortly to buy some vouchers as Christmas presents for my family."   

August 2013



"Pure class"

August 2013



"Many Thanks for a fantastic day last Saturday really enjoyed it my mum was making focaccia bread all weekend. Looking forward to going home today hopefully she will have made more!!"

July 2013



"Thanks a million for looking after my friends so well on Saturday. They raved about the experience - loved the food - and th

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