nerodavola gurgoNero D’Avola wine took its name by the grape used to produce it: Nero D’Avola grape which is usually harvested in mid-September. This is the most important red wine grape in Sicily.

Color: deep ruby red.

Buquet: pervasive, fruity bouquet of Morello cherries and raspberries, complex with well-belanced scents of spices and vanilla.

Flavour: rich, wide and velvety, high structured and aromatic, with elegant and pleasant tannin.

Pairings: Especially recommended with red meat dishes with fragrant flavors and aged cheeses.

Words as always are not enough to describe a wine, you have to taste it. I’m sure Nero D’Avola wine will surprise you!

To have a taste or buy it come to Pinocchio in Ranelagh or Temple Bar or to our Shop in Old Naas Road.


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